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Qfree provides various advertising options for its local business and professionals. As a classified website we have offered an option of adding your business for free, but the issue is your online presence will be limited. Qfree offers you four plans for your listing:


Businesses or individuals verified as Platinum holder will have top class access, benefits and features provided by Qfree. First Priority will be given to platinum users and hence this users, businesses, companies will be listed on top of each category and thus will engage more traffic to your Qfree listing page.


Businesses or individuals verified as Golden user will some limitation to the access of benefits and features offered by Qfree. Second preference will be given to golden users and will be listed after platinum user’s business listings thus generating moderate traffic to your Qfree listing page.


Users verified as silver members will be given third priority and listed below the Platinum and Golden customers. This type of user is considered to get limited traffic to their business listing page at Qfree.


All others come under this category. They have the lowest grade in Qfree, but optimized to get some traffic. The priority of this users will be given after all above users.


  • Q-Free allows the Advertiser to make the remaining payments for the service, after payment of the Service Fee
  • 1)The Payment modes are
  • (i) Cheque
  • (ii) Demand Draft
  • (iii) RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement)
  • 2) It is hereby clarified that Q-Free does not encourage/prefer that payments be made in cash. Any cash payments made by the Advertiser pursuant to a contract with Q-Free, shall be at the sole risk of the Advertiser, without any recourse to Q-Free.
  • 3) Payments can be made by the Advertiser either weekly, fortnightly, quarterly and half-yearly as directed by Q-Free. Q-Free shall make best efforts to activate the contract within 14 (Fourteen)working days from the date of receipt of the service fee into its bank account, for the respective listing (subject to delay due to technical malfunctions) However Q-Free will not be liable in any manner for any delay in activating the contract of an Advertiser.


If an advertiser opts the lump sum payment mode while entering into the contract the tenure of the contract will be equivalent to the amount paid by the advertiser

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