PVC Pipe and Polymer manufacturers

PVC Pipe and Polymer manufacturers

Aalayam Industries

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About Aalayam Industries

Aalayam industries is one among various PVC manufacturing industries operating in Namakkal District of Tamil Nadu. It unit is exactly positioned at No: 4/306, in Mallasamudram of Tiruchengode taluk, near SG Palayam in Namakkal. It is engaged in producing PVC pipes and polymer products.

The PVC produces are offered in different sizes and colours, to light all the diverse demands of its clients. Its quality examiners conduct various checks on the confirmed products, to ensure that we provide only the perfect products to our clients.


It has touched to a significantly high sales level both in local and surrounding States in South India and need no overview to sensitive field engineers and users. Its dealer network is all through southern states and is growing at national level.

General types of PVC pipes:

  1. uPVC plumbing pipe
  2. SWR pipe
  3. Pressure pipe
  4. Casing pipe etc…

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