PVC Pipe and Polymer manufacturers

PVC Pipe and Polymer manufacturers

Kalai Pipes

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About Kalai Pipes

Kalai Pipes is one of the well-known and famous PVC pipe manufacturer available and operating in Namakkal district of Tamil Nadu. It has its unit exactly positioned at Sooryagoundampalayam, Malasamuthiran, near TCMS Society.  It is renowned for its different kinds of PVC production and supplying through south India.

The chemical process for production of PVC includes taking the simplest unit, called the monomer, and connecting these monomer particles together in the polymerisation method. Long molecular chains are formed called polymers (which are also called macromolecules).


It is manufacturing and distributing a range of quality PVC Extrusion products, we have learnt a large base of clients in India. All our products are used in different businesses such as electric, electrical, electronic, health, automobile, building and many others.

The most common uses for PVC are:

  1. Water Distribution
  2. Underground Fire Main Distribution
  3. Gravity Sanitary Sewer Collection
  4. Force main Sewage Transmission
  5. Irrigation Mains
  6. Reclaimed Water Distribution
  7. Electrical & Communications Conduit
  8. Numerous Industrial Applications

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