PVC Pipe and Polymer manufacturers

PVC Pipe and Polymer manufacturers

Kavith Polyimer

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About Kavith Polyimer

Kavith Polyimer is a renowned polymer and PVC manufacturing industry operating in Namakkal district of Tamil Nadu. It established in order to provide high quality PVC pipes and polymer products which are broadly used in various business purposes.

PVC pipes are manufactured in a state of the art manufacturing principles established at Namakkal and is very well prepared with almost all latest and highly and classy computer Testing Equipment. It is included of a team of experts, who uphold supervision during the manufacturing process.


It has touched to a significantly high sales level both in local and surrounding States in South India and need no overview to sensitive field engineers and users. Its dealer network is all through southern states and is growing at national level.

General types of PVC pipes:

  1. uPVC plumbing pipe
  2. SWR pipe
  3. Pressure pipe
  4. Casing pipe etc…

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