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About Ramachandran

Ramachandran Karate School is a famous Karate coaching center with the aim of teaching all kinds and levels of Karate to the people in and around Namakkal. It is located at Kulakarai Street, Near Bamboo Shop, opt to Bus Stand in Namakkal. Ramchandran is the teacher here and is deeply experienced in providing karate courses for all kinds of people from students to adults including girls.

Karate lessons for kids offer a clear-cut and reliable structure of discipline that helps them study which types of actions are acceptable and which are not. Meditation is essential, to have a sense of denotation in life and work. People can below into the deeper feelings of others and get them to grow above and beyond anything they may have gifted in the past.


It trains youth on how to liberate their personality and make them an adaptable a person. It is committed to the cause of endorsing a complete approach to good strength and clear mind through Martial arts, Yoga, Meditation, Curing and Personality development.

These are different kinds of belts and levels taught by Ramachandran in Namakkal. They are White Belt, Yellow Belt, Orange Belt, Green Belt, Blue Belt, Purple Belt, Brown Belt, Red Belt and Black Belt.

Extra Information

We teaches everything about Karate and It will helps you such as below
To make you healthy, To make the body like iron,
to make the body like as hard as rock,
Your heart should be mighty and bold.
Your hands and feet should be used like the points of arrows.

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