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Uma Kanth

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About Uma Kanth

Uma Kanth Karate Training center is one of the well- known karate coaching school located at Mohanur road of Namakkal city. Uma Kanth is the trainer who has been well known for his art of teaching Karate courses effectively. These are different kinds of belts and levels taught by uma kanth in Namakkal. They are White Belt, Yellow Belt, Orange Belt, Green Belt, Blue Belt, Purple Belt, Brown Belt, Red Belt and Black Belt.

Karate helps kids become more conscious of their own thoughts and feelings, teaching them to control negative compulsions that will stop a negative condition from growing into fight or violence. Karate lessons for kids offer a clear-cut and reliable structure of discipline that helps them study which types of actions are acceptable and which are not.


Meditation is essential, to have a sense of denotation and purpose in life and work. People can blow into the deeper feelings of others and get them to grow above and beyond anything they may have gifted in the past.

It is committed to the cause of endorsing a complete approach to good strength and clear mind through Martial arts, Yoga, Meditation, Curing and Personality development. It provides a pleasurable and welcoming environment for pupils of all ages in Namakkal.

Extra Information

We teaches everything about Karate and It will helps you such as below

  • To make you healthy, To make the body like iron,
  • to make the body like as hard as rock,
  • Your heart should be mighty and bold.
  • Your hands and feet should be used like the points of arrows.

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