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Sriee Balamurugan Paper Boards

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About Sriee Balamurugan Paper Boards

Sriee Balamuragan Paper Boards is one of the paper board manufacturer in Tamil Nadu. It is located at Sowdhapuram (POST), Veppadai, in Namakkal.


It was established in 2009 as a domestic partnership firm and reached its remarkable success place by its Founder G.Selvaraj. It offer and provide high quality Mill Boards, Grey Boards, Craft Boards, Craft Papers as per customer needs and plan. From the day of its establishment it has been providing assessment and development solutions to clients from all sectors.

Extra Information

Its clients range from small and medium size companies to some of the largest and most noticeable employers working today, including major government sections and global private segment brands. Grey Board, Craft Papers, Craft Board and Mill Board are some of the famous products manufactured in Sriee Balamuragan Paper Boards Namakkal.

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